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CODE UPDATE - The HBA and Dow chemical have arrived at a compromise which may allow adoption of the 2012 MRC. Somebody please tell me why HBA and Dow make these decisions? Only in Michigan...

The recommendation is to adopt the 2012 version of Chapter 11 of the International Residential Code with the following amendments:

The wood frame wall R-values in the prescriptive path table will remain at their 2009 levels for Climate Zones 5 and 6 (20 or 13 +5) and in Climate Zone 7 they will be reduced from the 2009 level of R-21 to 20 or 13 + 5, thus matching Michigan's other two climate zones.

The basement wall R-values in the prescriptive path table will remain at their 2009 levels, 10/13 for Climate Zone 5 and 15/19 for Climate Zones 6 & 7.

The crawl space wall R-values in the prescriptive path table will increase from their 2009 levels of 10/13 in Climate Zones 5, 6 & 7 to the 2012 prescriptive path requirement of 15/19 in all three climate zones.

The ceiling R-values in the prescriptive path table for Climate Zone 5 will remain at its 2009 level of R-38 and not be increased to R-49. There are no changes in Climate Zones 6 & 7 which were already at R-49.

The mandatory allowed air changes per hour (ACH) will decrease from the 2009 allowance of 7 ACH to 4 ACH with a trade-off in the performance path for reducing the ACH below 4. The 2012 energy chapter set a mandatory minimum of 3 ACH.

Building officials will no longer be able to require a hand-picked approved third party to conduct blower door tests. They will be able to require testing to be conducted by a certified independent third party but will not be able to choose which party. Certification programs for blower door testers shall be approved by the State Construction Code Commission. Building officials will no longer be able to require an approved third party to inspect all components of the building thermal envelope.

The post-construction duct leakage test may be done either to the outside of a conditioned space or to total leakage. The allowable total leakage rate is less than or equivalent to 4 CFM per 100 square foot of conditioned floor area with a trade-off in the performance path for reducing the leakage rate below 4 CFM.

Class update: Be advised that CIT will not be holding classes January 2015.

Harold W. "Fitz" Fitzgerald passed away in March, 2013. Fitz and I started CIT in 1986 while we worked together in Bloomfield Twp. Fitz was my mentor when I started inspecting in 1984, and he continued to be a constant friend and advisor throughout our long friendship. Julie and I will miss our dear friend and partner in the coming years.

June's program will be filled with new State of Michigan updates and expected code changes, including the new Act 54 requirements for new inspectors, the new state chief plumbing inspector and some new insights into our profession. I hope you will join us in June.

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No winter CIT classes in 2015.